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  • Flexible Learning - 1-3 minutes


    Based on drip feeding new knowledge in short bursts - lasting no longer than a couple of minutes. Designed to be sent out regularly via email and branded so they are easily recognised.


    DID YOU KNOW - You can shrink Word to fit?

    If you are creating a document that must be a certain page length 'Shrink To Fit' is your answer. Instead of deleting text, use Word's 'Shrink To Fit' feature in 3 easy steps:

    1. Open the document you would like to shrink
    2. Select File and Print Preview from the menu and
    3. Click the 'Shrink To Fit' button

    Word automatically adjusts your fonts proportionally to reduce the document length by one page

    Press CTRL + Z to undo if you don't like the result

    3 minutes
    microsoft office specialist
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